First Post!

Hey everyone!! First Post Hype!!

I’m Sarah and I’m one of three beautiful Daughters of God that have decided to come together to make this blog. This website will go hand in hand with our YouTube channel. We noticed that there is a bit of a void on YouTube for Bible Studies for Christian Women over college age.

I know that sounds like a niche market, but I have found that’s how YouTube and advertising works. You need to find where you are specifically needed, and cater to a specific audience.

As a 27 year old woman, I have been searching on YouTube for a good women’s led Bible study, or even a Christian based community. And I couldn’t find anything. There were some old Lysa Terkeurst speeches, and some wonderful college-age channels, but nothing for us busy women who already have careers and children. I hope you all show me how wrong I am and give me some recommendations!

All that to be said, I saw a need, and I felt it in my heart. We women take on wayyy too much, and we need encouragement and some quick bible studies to lift our hearts.

Now, you ask, “Sarah, why are you talking about a YouTube channel in a blog post?”

Well, my sisters and I also wanted a place to elaborate on our short YouTube videos. Maybe we could go deeper with our exegetical study, talk about more personal topics, or even just show off photos and share our life. Bam! Website!

So here we are, brand new, “Powered by WordPress” logo still on, stock photos galore, and one blog post to our name. But don’t worry, we’ll be putting out more content soon, and we can’t wait for you all to join us!


Published by Sarah

I'm one of the three Daughters of God admins from I love science, guitars and video games, and I have a passion for Bible commentaries.

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