Burned Out

I think I get burned out almost every month.

I go at breakneck pace most days, working a full time job, diving into my volunteer work and then spending time with my loving, but draining, family.

I always think that I am getting rest. Instead of actually resting my mind and body, I spend time on the couch, amped up and obsessing over my thousands of lists.

It’s times like these that I think I am invincible. I expect that I can take on any responsibility and that I can fit it into my schedule. After all, an excel list can always expand to be a bit longer… right?

But every time, I prove myself wrong. I keep running along with my lists, getting more and more tired, and then suddenly… I trip.

I make a mistake, and I get unnecessarily upset. Or I get into a mental rut due to my own exhaustion.

I hear a still small voice saying… “Maybe you should get some rest. Why don’t you give me those lists for a while?”

Friends. I’m not good at resting. My current rest schedule involves having an video editing session open on my computer, while a How-To video is on the TV.

For me, rest involves more than sitting down. I need to take my mental burden of lists, and things to do, and lay it at the foot of the cross. And I need to keep laying it at the cross, typically every five minutes.


I could keep going, and keep getting more and more tired. But that still, small voice gets louder. God has a wonderful voice. So calming and encouraging.

And so I grumpily sit down, and I slowly unload my mental burden. I focus on releasing the tension in my muscles, I reach for my favorite facial mask, and I put on Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time (That one with Colin Firth, of course).

God is good. He knows when we need rest. And He gives it to us freely. As women, we just need to unload some of that mental burden enough to get some rest.

My challenge to you is to keep listening for that still, small voice. When you get tired, God will be right there with you to encourage you and give you rest.

All my love,



Published by Sarah

I'm one of the three Daughters of God admins from daughters-of-God.org. I love science, guitars and video games, and I have a passion for Bible commentaries.

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