For the Beauty of the Earth

I’m an amateur photographer. I love capturing nature, food, devotionals, friends, etc. I love taking pictures.

Unfortunately, I can never hope to compete with the beauty around me. I can never make a picture that is prettier than what God has given to me.

I wish I could.

Art is the hope of mankind to showcase what is already around us. That is why I love photography. It allows me to focus on beauty and to share beauty around me with others.

Why does God love beauty? He made this incredible world. He gave us the ability to appreciate His gifts to us.

But why?

I believe that it’s because God loves us. And let me talk that out for a bit.

We hear it all the time. “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” It’s something that we take for granted. Something that goes to the background. And He does! He loved us enough to save us from ourselves.

But He also loved us enough to give us chocolate. And sunsets. And hugs.

God made chocolate, and God gave us the ability to enjoy chocolate. That was completely unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. In order to live, humans need food, water, shelter and the ability to stay alive and keep going. They don’t need pleasure, and they don’t need happiness. But God gave us pleasure and happiness in abundance.

Why? Because God loves us. And God has spoiled us rotten in His love.

I believe that God gave us these beautiful reminders so we can worship Him better. Next time you experience happiness and pleasure, please remember who loved you to create that for you.

All my love- Sarah


Published by Sarah

I'm one of the three Daughters of God admins from I love science, guitars and video games, and I have a passion for Bible commentaries.

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