Daughters of God: Sharing love in the Midst of a tiring World

We are a small community of women looking to encourage and love other Christian women in the midst of a tiring world. Our main outreach is our YouTube channel, where we will have a Bible study series. We also wanted to make this blog to create a community where we can discuss further what we talked about on YouTube.

About Sarah

I’m Sarah, and to be honest, I’m getting some serious impostor syndrome being with this project. I have been the techie person on another podcast (Shout out to the Prodigal Sons!) but I didn’t have to think of topics, or talk on a public forum. I just got to have fun with lighting, editing and technology. But when Crystal and Claire asked me to be a part of this project, I couldn’t say no.

I grew up with both of my parents pastors. My Dad went to bible college while my mom was getting her masters in biology, and then my mom got bored and became ordained when I was 15. Having both parents being pastors, going to a Christian church and a Christian school and a Christian college… it changes you. I was jaded from birth against the prejudices and hypocrisy of the church.

But honestly, there were some good people in the church, and in my family that showed me the love of God. They showed me that you can make mistakes and still be loved by God. These people gave me grace and encouragement over and over as I worked out my anger and frustration with humanity.

I’m nothing perfect. I’m nothing good. But I am well loved by my Father the King of the Universe. And somehow that makes this life worthwhile.

Also Chocolate. Chocolate is also good.

All the Bible schooling gives me a solid background in Biblical knowledge. I’m honored to bring that knowledge into this team. I’m a scientist in career and in heart. I have never met something I didn’t want to analyze further. Let me give a few wonderful cartoons to showcase how it is being a scientist (All rights go to XKCD.com).

I love playing guitar, playing video games and spending time with family and friends. I have a soft spot in my heart for the video game series called Legend of Zelda. It’s full of puzzles and storylines, and doesn’t have many shooty shooty moments. I have a beautiful blue guitar that I got for my 16th birthday that still plays beautifully. Music is by far my favorite form of worship.

I will be the techie on the mics, the lights and the computer, while my wonderful cohorts are in front of the camera. But don’t worry! I will have a mic as well and I look forward to exegeting out all our Bible verses.

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