For the Beauty of the Earth

I’m an amateur photographer. I love capturing nature, food, devotionals, friends, etc. I love taking pictures. Unfortunately, I can never hope to compete with the beauty around me. I can never make a picture that is prettier than what God has given to me. I wish I could. Art is the hope of mankind to…

Jack of All Trades

I have quite a few things that I like to do. In my career, I’m a scientist. I do experiments, I write papers, and I explain science to the government. But in my volunteering life… things got much more varied. I started helping out in whatever seemed like I could do. Singing? Yes. Guitar, of…

Music Prays for Me

I have sat down on my apartment floor countless times with a weight on my heart that I don’t know how to pray for. I cry. I stare blindly at the wall. I try to find words other “God help” And God answers with a song. I’m not a half bad singer. But singing a…

Burned Out

I think I get burned out almost every month. I go at breakneck pace most days, working a full time job, diving into my volunteer work and then spending time with my loving, but draining, family. I always think that I am getting rest. Instead of actually resting my mind and body, I spend time…

First Post!

Hey everyone!! First Post Hype!! I’m Sarah and I’m one of three beautiful Daughters of God that have decided to come together to make this blog. This website will go hand in hand with our YouTube channel. We noticed that there is a bit of a void on YouTube for Bible Studies for Christian Women…

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