Jack of All Trades

I have quite a few things that I like to do.

In my career, I’m a scientist. I do experiments, I write papers, and I explain science to the government.

But in my volunteering life… things got much more varied. I started helping out in whatever seemed like I could do.

Singing? Yes.

Guitar, of course.

Sound Board, sure, I did that as a kid.

Technical difficulties with your computer? Sign me up.

Website design? Sure, I can learn that.

Creatively and technically designing a podcast, setting it up every week, editing, organizing, making lists and uploading to Youtube?

Wait. How the heck did I get here?

God calls us to a bunch of strange work that we never thought we would get into. Think about it, a year ago, could you have guessed that you would be where you are today?

According to the Bible, God’s work is to reach out and tell people about Jesus.

So why am I making goofy videos about a Biggest Loser competition? (Answer? the Prodigal Sons wanted to lose weight)

God reaches out to each of us in different ways. He uniquely talks to us and calls us into His arms. If I was called by God because of a bonfire with some 13 year olds, then God can use my goofy videos to reach out and remind others of Him.

Hey, Hey you.

You are loved. By the Creator of the universe. And He is Awesome.

So go out and help that Girl Scout troupe, that neighbor with their lawn, your grandparent with their car, your friend with their hobby or your church with their scripture reading.

God can use anything. Even you.

Love, Sarah


Published by Sarah

I'm one of the three Daughters of God admins from daughters-of-God.org. I love science, guitars and video games, and I have a passion for Bible commentaries.

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